Our story

The Gallo Rosso originated in 1989 in the historic centre of Salò, in an old building which was once a stable.
After three months of renovations, it officially opened in July.
It was Paolo Benaglio’s idea to use his years of training and experience as Chef on for Princess Cruises and on numerous private yachts to create his own restaurant.
The restaurant's distinctive feature is its dedication to haute cuisine, specialised in absolutely unique pasta and rice dishes and desserts.
The warm, intimate atmosphere, with loving attention given to each little detail, is the perfect backdrop for fully enjoying one of life's most genuine pleasures.

Pasta and Rice



Ristorante Gallo Rosso
Vicolo Tomacelli, 4
25087 Salò (BS)



12:00 - 14:00 e 19:00 - 22:00
Thursday one at lunch

Info and Reservation

+39 0365 520757

Parking: Musa, Salò Museum, 30 metres from the restaurant.